10 Commandments of the Election


Ten Commandments

There are fourteen days till the election. Fourteen days until the end of the commercials, the removal of the tacky signs, the return to peace and civility. With the end in sight, I think I can make it. I hope I can make it.

I’ve written about our role in the political happenings of our country before and I know one of our community groups has been having these conversations, so I don’t plan on rehashing much here. I hope by this point, we all know the things we need to know to decide our involvement. Instead, I’d simply like to point us towards something to stir our thoughts.

Eugene Cho is one of the pastors of Quest Church in Seattle. I have some dear friends that are a part of this church which means that I get to hear what’s going on there every once in a while. Last week, Eugene wrote a blog titled, Thou Shalt Follow These 10 Commandments of the Presidential Election. I recommend reading it in its entirety but here are the commandments in short.

1.Thou shalt believe that Jesus remains King.
2. Don’t go to bed with political parties.
3. No one has a monopoly…
4. Remain in friendship & fellowship
5. Thou shalt not be a jerk.
6. Thou shalt respect the candidates.
7. Thou shalt not get played & manipulated
8. Stay engaged in the political process.
9. Be informed. Be prayerful. Have integrity. Vote your convictions.
10. Love God. Love People.

From what I know of Inland Church, I think that commandment number eight might be our pretend-it’s-not-there commandment. I know how easy it is to check out but don’t. Eugene writes:

We have to engage politics because politics involves policies and policies impact people. Last time I checked people are really important to God.

I’m not happy about it but I don’t think I need to be. I’d rather be lounging by the pool than swimming laps with everyone else. But I’m convinced that I need to jump in and so I’ll do my homework, I’ll engage the process, and in fourteen days, I’ll vote. I’m sure I’ll feel much better about it if I know you’ll do it with me. So, want to jump in the pool?


Michael10 Commandments of the Election

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