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eclipse shadows



Yesterday morning as I sat on my front porch waiting for a ride to Steptoe Butte, a lovely high place in the Palouse landscape just south of our town of Spokane, Washington, USA; a meditation came through my mind. I was waiting with a few minutes of quiet in the morning light, waiting to be together during the eclipse with my neighbors and best friends Avalon and Posie and their one year old daughter Calliope.  We had decided we wanted to have a quiet eclipse with just a few people, and we wanted to either be on the land or in water. And the land won. I was hoping we would pray for those we felt called to pray for. And we did. But while I was waiting, that meditation, some thoughts of blessing came through my mind. I had been singing a Music Together song during my exercises that morning,

may all, may all children

May all people everwhere

hear this prayer

may, may all, may all children

may all beings everywhere

live in peace. Sweet peace…

peaceful minds, peaceful hearts,

peace on earth. Sweet peace

on earth.

and then as I was waiting on my porch, I sent a few words to a friend that had texted me, and then I wanted to keep the blessing going, so I copied it into an email and decided to write until my friends arrived. And it felt perfect, not like the words were perfect, but that what I was trying to say with my heart was being said, and the people I wanted to email it to came into my mind. And I pressed “send” just as my friends pulled up. At the end of the day I sent the words, with a little more editing, to more people. And now, as I realize I want them to be a meditation for our Inland family, I send them one last time, this time as my blog post for the week. May they be a blessing to you this day, and may the intentions spoken here ripple into all of us at Inland, and all beings on our planet, and transform us.

Before I share the meditation, I’m remembering something that happened on the way back from the Palouse. I saw something man-made on the landscape which seemed to me to be ugly and an example of mindless materialism. I noticed a desire in me to point out the atrocity to Posie and Avalon and laugh at how ugly it was. I bit my tongue, maybe only because I had been singing whatever words came into my head for an hour softly to myself, and the song was over and over reminding me to give thanks and choose to send loving intentions to all beings. Anyways, in that moment I bit my tongue. And I am happy I did. Oh, I know there will likely come many times where I will not bite my tongue and the ripples that go out from it will be rioples of meanness or shame. May these moments be fewer and farther between. May they gradually hold less power or temporary fascination for us all.

This Morning’s Meditation:

In this time of tangible unrest, I wish to write us with this prayer: may all children live in peace. May all beings everywhere find peace and the ability to return to the joy of daily gratitude and praise. May this time of darkness in our nation help us to midwife together with our Maker a new birth, a time of hard work… a labor that gives rise to great lovingkindness among our neighborhoods and between peoples and nations. May the eclipse serve as a reminder for us to wake up. May it serve as a strong call for us to name and surrender our ego stories. May we cast off the shame that has served only to paralyze or silence us. May we sing together, and may new and deep songs of healing pour forth from every direction, within every landscape. May we rise together and do the vulnerable and difficult and life-giving work of making the moment by moment choice to love one another.

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  1. Anna

    When I use the phrase “ego story” I am referring to any story we tell ourselves in which we are not being true to our “true selves” and our permanent intimate connection with God. So, if I am telling myself a story in which I am the protagonist and other people are “less than” me, this is my ego talking. Some conservative Christians would use the word “Satan” which means “accuser,” or “the accuser of the brethren.” For some people, this word isn’t fraught with triggers and confusing/shaming theology. Our country, and other countries I’ve lived in, have a very large population of people for whom the word “Satan” is a trigger (when I use the word trigger I mean “cause them to immediately go into “fight or flight mode” –cortisol levels are spiking, etc.”, please see my previous blog, for a little more on cortisol). So I use the common word “ego” which can still trigger some people. Most recently, I’ve replaced “ego stories” with “skin stories” and I think of the layers of dragon skin that Aslan removed from Eustace in order to restore him to his true self. We all become dragons when we allow our “skin stories” of separation and superiority (or inferiority) to rule our days. Hope this helps.

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