In Light of Charlottesville


Hello Inland family. In light of what happened this weekend in Charlottesville and the response across the country, I want to be a voice of encouragement.

If you’re like me, reports of what happened were troubling. Watching the video of the car mowing people down was sickening. And the Vice documentary about the rally and protests was heartbreaking.

For most of my life I believed the great progresses of human rights were behind us in history. Already happened, nothing else to do. Now I know that’s far from true.

Throughout history, believers have stepped alongside the oppressed, the poor, the orphans and widows to advocate for and help them. That was the case during slavery, in Germany and Europe during WWII, in the civil rights movement, and so many other times that I don’t even know about.

As believers, our time may have come again to step up and be a voice against racism and corrupt nationalism, and demand equality and justice. I feel like the Spirit has been spurring me to do more than watch videos on my laptop and talk to my friends.

Recently I listened to a pair of episodes from 99 Percent Invisible about a church in Arizona that helped illegal refugees, starting the Sanctuary movement that’s been in the news. The other, more controversial, is about pastors that created a network to help women get safe abortions on a great podcast called Criminal. I’m not endorsing these actions, but I thought it was a fascinating lesson.

Use the examples of believers who came before us as encouragement. If the Spirit is moving and you feel like you need to do more than watch, don’t ignore that feeling. Act on it, and trust God to use you.

Vice Documentary
99 Percent Invisible: Part 1Part 2
Criminal Podcast

MattIn Light of Charlottesville

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