September Parenting Take Home Sheet

Meredith Cooley

Hi IC Parents,

I’ve decided a quick reference sheet about your child’s curriculum may be more useful than a video.  Let’s give it a try!   Here’s what your children are learning in September with Ms. Kayla and Ms. Rachel.

Children’s Curriculum for September

September Theme:  Refuge: God is a place of safety and protection for his children.

Verse: “The Lord is my refuge and fortress, my God in whom I trust” Psalms 91:2

Discussion: This month our children will discuss how God is a safe place for His children.  We will be reading the book “Are you my Mother” by Dr. Seuss.  The story explores where a baby bird’s safe place is–his nest with his mother.  Specifically the first week we will be recognizing the families affected by Hurricane Harvey and sending other children cards and supplies.  We will talk about how God is their refuge even when they may be displaced. The second week we will be making bird houses that talk about how God is a refuge for animals and nature as well.  The last week we will be making calm down jars.  We will shake up the jars and talk about how our emotions can feel unsettled or stormy.  God can also be a safe place for our tough emotions and help calm us down.  

Activities: As parents we are charged with helping our children learn to listen and obey God.  First children learn this concept in a concrete way through learning to listen and obey their parents.  We don’t want to encourage simple “blind following”, but a recognition of who is wise and who we can trust and should listen to.  

Activities with kids: Preface activities with a short talk: God gives us parents who help protect us and give us a safe place to live.  God tells parents to give children rules to learn how to listen to parents and ultimately listen to God.  God uses parents to protect children from dangerous situations.  

  • Red Light Green Light: Play game while running or on bike.  Talk about how listening helps you stay safe.  
  • Make a Red Light Green Light Snack: Celery Stick with almond/peanut butter then three M&Ms of red, yellow, and green.    

Monthly Song: “God is my Refuge”

Extra Resources: Daniel Tiger has a great episode where they have a storm in their town and find ways to be safe. They also talk about how to find helpers after the storm is over.  This could spur on great conversation about how God is our Refuge.  

**In addition to this post, you will also receive a paper copy on Sunday.  Ask Kayla or Rachel if you need an extra copy.

Meredith CooleySeptember Parenting Take Home Sheet

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