Parent Take Home Sheet for October

Meredith Cooley

Parent Take Home Sheet for October

Theme: Attentive- God hears and responds to the prayers of His children.  God wants to talk WITH us.

Verse: The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their prayer. Peter 3:12

Discussion: During October the children will be learning about what an attentive God we have. The story they will focus on is how Jesus fed the 5,000. He was attentive to the needs of his people and responded by providing for them. The first week the children will discuss how we have access to God at all times; we can pray and he always listens.  God can also talk with us.  For the second week, we will discuss how God is attentive to all of our needs.  No matter how big or small, God is always eager to engage with us.  During the last week of October the focus will be on how God can speak with us in many different ways, including the Bible.  


  • Week 1: Your children will make a telephone craft.  This will help spur on conversation at home about how we can talk to God, just as we can talk to others. Allow your children to brainstorm all the different things they can talk to God about.  Encourage questions like why we would want to talk to God.  How can we listen to the Holy Spirit?  When children are faced with a decision, encourage them to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit.  Discernment takes practice, and believe as a parent that the Holy Spirit really does want to talk with your child!  
  • Week 2: This week your child will make a basket with loaves of bread and fish inside.  They will discuss how Jesus miraculously multiplied the food in order to meet the needs of his people.  Discuss with your kids all the ways God meets our needs. How can we ask God if we need something?  Has God met one of your needs lately? 
  • Week 3: During the last week, kids will make a bread and fish bracelet to bring home as a reminder of the story they heard throughout the month.  See if your child can retell the story to you.  What did they pick up on?  How can you continue the conversation at home in a meaningful way?
Meredith CooleyParent Take Home Sheet for October

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