We’re Doing Something Right


Much of what we have been talking about over the past few months has consisted of what Inland Church will look like down the road. We’ve all had our own questions, opinions, hesitations, reservations, etc. However, we’re all on this journey together. If it’s worth anything, I think we’re going in a beneficial direction (not that I think there was ever a time we weren’t).

Just over a week ago at our Sunday night gathering, Colby handed each of us a $10 bill. So far I have only heard one story of how a $10 bill blessed someone in Spokane last week, but I know that more than one of those bills were spent. I am looking forward to hearing more of these stories. If I’m completely honest, I haven’t given mine away yet. I personally have never been comfortable with giving away straight cash, so I decided to buy a gift card to The Shop with it, but I haven’t felt like I’ve clearly heard from the Lord as to who to give it to or when. I’m hopeful that it will happen soon!

The reason I bring this up is because I think it can be encouraging for us. As a church, we have all these questions as we’re transitioning into the next phase of Inland Church and we’re unsure as to what will happen and what it will look like. As the people of Inland Church, if we continue to live our lives by 1) listening for the Lord and 2) loving the people of our beautiful city, we must be doing something right. Be encouraged that we are on the right track. We might not have all the details worked out or any of the answers right now, but if we remain faithful and loving in the unknown, I am confident that God will continue to work through Inland Church. Maybe we don’t have to give away $10 every week, but if we each decide to listen to the Lord throughout our day and care for the people around us, I think we’ll be surprised with the opportunities we find.

TylerWe’re Doing Something Right

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  1. Anna

    hey Tyler, i’m feeling inspired by your words. thank you for writing this. I too, am looking forward to hearing the stories of the $10; more so, I’m excited to hear about how each of us is changed as we “listen to the Lord throughout our day and care for the people around us.” One day at a time, one moment at a time, I believe your words will help us to rise up and love ourselves, love God, love each other and love Spokane in a deeper way. I’m excited to do this, I’m excited to hear how this goes for all of us!

    1. Miranda

      Let us know when you use that $10, we would love to hear how God used you to bless someone in our community!

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