Yellow leaves


Throwback to when we met at 6:00pm. Same sign, different time.

Fall is my favorite season, especially in Spokane.

Having grown up in Texas where oak trees reign supreme, I grew accustomed to brown crisp leaves underfoot.

Here in Spokane we behold rich yellows, fiery oranges, and deep reds every fall, and for those beautiful colors I’m thankful.

These beautiful trees will provide piles of wet leaves to be raked nearly every weekend for the next 3 or so weeks, but the very presence of such a plethora of colors makes the chore of clean up well worth it.

Conversely, last night we celebrated the hard work it is to be a part of our church family, but in celebrating those who volunteer, we also find beauty.

So thank you fellow laborers in Christ, your event planning, your greetings, your child watching, your carpools, your delicious meal preparation, your commitment to setting up and putting away a dinner setup every week, your willingness to share community, your musical practice, your sermons, your turning on the lights, your hours at capacity, your being the last out the door, your tying shut of compostable waste, your vacuuming of smashed crumbs, your artistic gifting, falling into cold water, pressing apples into sweet cider, setting up of sound equipment, your scrubbing of dishes, and all of the other things.

My parents used to say when we’d have good friends over, “When you’re hear, you gotta roll up your sleeves, we’re a family!”.

It’s the volunteers that help makes Inland, Inland. It’s the volunteering that perpetuates the familial relationship we have.

Thank you for what you do. You’re a part of something greater!


DarbyYellow leaves

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  1. Shannon Henry

    So thankful that Megan and Taylor have such a wonderful church family – they are truly blessed and so am I every time I visit. Thank you for your commitment, persistence, hard work and love of Jesus!

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