Parent Take Home Sheet for November

Meredith Cooley

Parent Take Home Sheet for November

Theme: Wise: God knows what is best. God knows everything

Verse: In God all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are safely kept. Colossians 2:3

Discussion:   This month we have a story about “Thomas Tunafish”.  Thomas is very smart and is always correcting his friends when they make a mistake.  Thomas learns at school about wisdom and how wisdom is not only about knowing the correct answer but what to do with the correct answer.  He learns how God is the wisest of all and how with his wisdom he knows how to love us best.  Thomas thinks about how he was always correcting his friends and how that made them feel. He realizes this isn’t wise.  Thomas asks his friends for forgiveness and also asks God for more wisdom.  


  • Week 1: This week the kids are making Thomas Tunafish.  Use this as a springboard to continue the conversation at home.  During the children’s discussion time, they talked about how in Proverbs it tells us God’s wisdom gives us patience and helps us forgive others.  Focus your conversation on how it feels to forgive and be forgiven.  Draw a parallel to how God is always able and willing to forgive us.  
  • Week 2: During discussion time we read in Colossians that wise words are kind and wisdom helps us know how to treat others.  Help your kids brainstorm how they can be wise and use kind words.  Wisdom from God also helps us know how to treat others, and we have focused our craft on this idea.  Your child will come home with a few care packages to give to those who may be cold/hungry during this season.  They assembled the bags in class and drew a card to go inside the bag.   Consider a time to give these bags to someone in need.  Discuss how this makes others feel and how it makes your child feel.  Give thanks to God for teaching us how to be wise in our words and actions.  
  • Week 3: We are talking about Thanksgiving this week.  Specifically we are talking about how we should be thankful for the Bible. The kids learn how God shows us himself in the Bible and how it is full of wisdom.  What a thing to be thankful for!  Enjoy conversations with your kids about all the things we have to be thankful for.  

Song: You Know Me by Lighthuse Central

Meredith CooleyParent Take Home Sheet for November

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