Parent Take Home Sheet for December

Meredith Cooley

Parent Take Home Sheet

Theme: Compassionate: God sees, cares and acts when His children are in need.  *Jesus came to rescue us

Verse: Gracious is the Lord, and righteous; Yes, our God is compassionate. Psalm 116:5

Discussion: During December we will look to the “Jesus Storybook Bible” by Sally Lloyd Jones to tell the story of Christ’s coming.  If you do not already own a copy of the book, Inland would love to purchase one for your household!  (Just ask Meredith for a copy.) The book puts Jesus as the central figure of the bible, and his arrival is anticipated from the very first story.  If you already own the book, you can retell the story of the week at home.  During the first week we will read “He’s here!” pg 176-183, the second is “The Light of the Whole World” pg 184-191, and the third week will finish with “The King of all Kings” pg 192-199.  As the holiday season is here, this is a great way to help focus on Christ as the reason for the season.  We also want to encourage the act of giving in this season, not just receiving.  This is compassion in action!  If your kids are anything like mine, the presents are so alluring they can’t hardly focus on anything other than receiving!  Draw parallels about the immense gift that God gave by sending Jesus.  In what ways can we also be like God and have a generous heart?  Allowing children to think of their own ways to give will help get children thinking of others and empower them.


Week 1: Compassion will be the focus of month, this first week we will define compassion and talk about how God has compassion for his people.

Week 2: A more in depth conversation of compassion will happen this week. When has someone been compassionate towards you?  Have you ever been compassionate towards someone else?

Week 3:This week  children are asked to brainstorm ways they can display compassion towards others in the future.  Keep the vocabulary up by using compassion when helping your kids express themselves.  Remind children that when we feel compassion towards others it is the same feeling God has towards us.  Full of love and willing to rescue us.

Meredith CooleyParent Take Home Sheet for December

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