Parent Take Home Sheet for January 2018

Meredith Cooley


Parent Take Home Sheet for January

Theme: God as our comforter

Verse: God comforts us every time we have trouble so that we can comfort others when they have trouble.

2 Corinthians 1:4

Discussion:  God’s ability to comfort us will be highlighted this month.  The children will be hearing a sweet story featuring Bobby the sheep and his shepard Gwen.  Bobby learns how God has clothed him in wool in order to comfort him; he loves his wool and is thankful for the way he is made.  When it comes time for Bobby to be sheared he doesn’t understand why Gwen would change the way God made him and take his wool.  Gwen gently explains how God gave Bobby so much wool that he actually had enough to share.  The wool that Bobby shares through getting this “haircut” is used to comfort a neighbor through a wool sweater.  Bobby learns God will always be his comforter and that through selflessness, Bobby can help God comfort others.  


Week 1: The focus will be on God being comfort and giving comfort. Talk to your children about what ways God comforts us.  Allow all answers and help expand their understanding of comfort.  Children will likely talk about the physical, help them consider emotional comforts as well.  The craft will be making a sheep-use this a reminder to talk about comfort during the week.  Also, the activity this Sunday will be an “empathy game”.  It will have the children role play and consider situations such as “a friend doesn’t want to play with you.”  Hopefully this will also expand conversations of God’s comfort.

Week 2: This week children will consider what ways God can comfort us that we can see and feel. God gave comfort all around us. For the craft they will make binoculars to use to look for ways that God comforts.  Lead by example and look for ways in your own life that God comforts you.  Share this with your kids! Nothing is too big or too small. Does God want to use us to help comfort others (like how Bobby helped comfort his neighbors?) What is something we can do to help comfort a friend/sibling tomorrow?

Week 3: Reflect on the past week and ask if God helped comfort your child this last week?  Did you help comfort a friend?  This exercise helps children remember God’s goodness and be mindful in all situations. The craft will be making hugging arms.  Discuss how with our own arms we can help God comfort others through hugs and helping. The activity will be a short yoga lesson encouraging mindfulness and connecting your body and emotions.

Song: I Will Never Leave You by Lighthouse Central

Meredith CooleyParent Take Home Sheet for January 2018

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