Take Home Sheet for February 2018

Meredith Cooley

Parent Take Home Sheet for February


Theme: Loving- God does what is best

Verse: John 15:13: “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”

Discussion:  The month of love is here.  Use this month to talk to your children about where all this love comes from.  We can love others because he first loved us!  We will continue our story from last month about the sheep named Bobby.  His sheppard, Gwen, cares for him and herds the sheep to safer ground when the floods come.  Bobby chooses to disobey Gwen when the rain comes and continue playing in the mud opposed to listening and moving to barn.  Bobby has natural consequences of having a mess of mud all in his ears and getting sick.  Gwen explains how she loves Bobby despite his disobedience. Bobby realizes Gwen knows best even when he doesn’t want to listen.  


Week 1: The discussion after this week’s story is about a time you had to choose between right and wrong.  We ask the children if they think God helped them know the difference between right and wrong.  If so, how did God give you this knowledge?  This can be a complex question, encourage all responses.  Talk this week about our feelings of right and wrong, where do they come from?  Is God a part of these feelings?  

Week 2: Everyone makes bad choices, even us as parents.  Your kids need to know this and see this!  We are on this journey as God’s children together, all equally messed up and loved.  We are constantly learning, seeking forgiveness and trying to come to terms with the fact that God knows what we need better than we do.  I encourage you as parents to apologize to your children this week, or apologize to your spouse in front of your children (surely an opportunity will arise).  This shows our children we aren’t perfect and we don’t expect perfection from them. After a moment of correction with your child, reiterate that NOTHING they ever do will change your love for them and that God has taught you that.  He taught you that because his love for us will never change (for better or worse) because of our actions.

Week 3: The focus during the last week will be on strategies to help your children make good choices.  They will talk in class about how God designed the family-for the parents to be older and wiser and to help young children learn to make good choices.  What should your children do when they don’t want your guidance and they think they know best?  Develop a plan before the situation arises.  Can they talk to you about their feelings?  What can they do with their body when they feel frustrated (belly breathing, taking some time apart, etc.) Share examples with your children about times you don’t want to obey God.  How did you make that choice; how did it make you feel? These don’t have to be huge parenting moments!  They can be in the middle of a busy day.  We as parents just need to have eyes to see situations as a chance to teach.  

Song: So Much Fun by Big Ministries http://bit.ly/2A6SCca

Meredith CooleyTake Home Sheet for February 2018

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