Take Home Sheet for March 2018

Meredith Cooley

Children’s Curriculum for March

Theme: Generous Provider- God meets the needs of His children. God gives what is best.

Verse: Philippians 4:19 “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus”

Discussion:  God always meets our needs, even when we don’t understand his ways.  This week, Bobby (the sheep from previous stories) is worried about the water running out.  His shepard, Gwen, only gives him what he needs for that day. Even though this worries Bobby, Gwen explains how God takes care of him through Gwen’s loving care.  Kids will learn about how knows all of our needs, (physical, spiritual, and emotional) and puts people in our lives to help meet those needs.  We can also be helpful to others thus actually help God to meet their needs!


Week 1: The focus this week will be on having kids think about all of their needs–not only physical.  Kids will discuss examples of how God ended up meeting this need.  

Week 2: Kids will discuss how God uses others to meet our needs.  Explain to your children how when others help us, they are doing “the work of the Lord”.  They will be asked of examples of when they helped someone else–they’ve been God’s helper without even knowing it!  They will also have a time to think about ways they can help others this week.  

Week 3: During the last week, the discussion will revolve around thankfulness.  They will focus on how to be thankful for all of their needs being met.  Take time during the week to say a quick prayer and thank God for all the ways He takes good care of us.  This could also be incorporated into discipline with your child too.  Explain how God gave us parents to help us learn how to make good choices.  God helps meet our emotional/spiritual needs in this way too!   

Song: When I look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iW9MN7vMpQ&list=PLhe51CH47e1T6YyjYt1JhEVDshsJLVU4Z

Meredith CooleyTake Home Sheet for March 2018

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