Take Home Sheet for April 2018

Meredith Cooley

Children’s Curriculum for April

Theme: God is strong and powerful- Jesus is Alive!

Verse: Luke 24:6- Jesus is not here; he has risen!

Discussion:  This month we will focus on the beauty and implications of Easter.  Each week in April we will read a different version of the Easter story, all the while placing our focus on Jesus being alive opposed to His death.  As we all know, death can be a very complex topic for a young child. Often times children hear of Jesus’ death and parents field this topic differently. At Inland we want to support you and feel at this early age that conversation can best be had in the home. All that to say, Jesus is alive!  Easter isn’t about candy and the easter bunny (although those things are fun), but it is about Jesus being strong over death and showing us love.


Week 1: This week the children will do a mosaic craft of the cross and talk about Jesus being risen.  The discussion after the story will be about how God is so powerful he raised Jesus up. They have time to share all the ways God is powerful and strong.

Week 2: Jesus tells his disciples (or friends) he will raise up after three days.  Jesus kept his promise and always does what he says! Kids think through all of God’s promises and focus on how he always follows through.

Week 3: Kids talk about all the things that happen on and around Easter in their lives today (candy, egg hunts, time with family, fancy clothes, etc.), but they realize ultimatly Easter is about God’s love for his people. He shows us his love so that we can love others. Side note: for the activity they will be using PERMANENT markers.  We will do our best to wear smocks, but we wanted to give all parents a heads up. This will be for an egg dying activity.

Week 4: Easter symbolism is all around us if we look!  Children will read a story about seeing signs of Easter in everyday life.  This connection helps children be reminded of God’s love and have concrete ways to express the ideas they hear in the Bible.  One example: As an egg cracks, animals find new life. In the same ways, God cracked out of the tomb (or cave and stone) and gave his people new life.  New life is all around us in the season!


Meredith CooleyTake Home Sheet for April 2018

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