An Elegy for Julie Miller


Old Bench

It’s a bittersweet thing to say to say, “Goodbye” for real. Honestly, at age 34, in middle-income America, there’s not many of them yet. Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to celebrate the life and acknowledge the death of our friend, Julie Miller. Were we friends that hung out everyday and shared vacations? No. Did we have dinner together on …

JonAn Elegy for Julie Miller

“I believe, help my unbelief”


Hey Inland fam. I wanted to share this blog post from a friend at Resonate Church down in Pullman. Laura and I, as well as some of the leadership of Inland, spent some time with Resonate before moving to Spokane. In her post, Maria talks about her doubt, and specifically sharing an experience with miraculous healing. She shares the verse …

Matt“I believe, help my unbelief”

Yellow leaves


Throwback to when we met at 6:00pm. Same sign, different time.

Fall is my favorite season, especially in Spokane. Having grown up in Texas where oak trees reign supreme, I grew accustomed to brown crisp leaves underfoot. Here in Spokane we behold rich yellows, fiery oranges, and deep reds every fall, and for those beautiful colors I’m thankful. These beautiful trees will provide piles of wet leaves to be raked nearly …

DarbyYellow leaves

We’re Doing Something Right


Much of what we have been talking about over the past few months has consisted of what Inland Church will look like down the road. We’ve all had our own questions, opinions, hesitations, reservations, etc. However, we’re all on this journey together. If it’s worth anything, I think we’re going in a beneficial direction (not that I think there was …

TylerWe’re Doing Something Right

“Keep the Faith”


At Inland Church on Sunday we had our second annual Family Retreat gathering, where Lisa Bowman walked us through the responses to a survey she sent out to the IC family.  I just want to say how good it is that we’re able to provide feedback (negative and positive) to the leadership, and to have a voice in the trajectory Inland has …

Matt“Keep the Faith”

Peace as a Perspective



In a world of chaos, it is seemingly impossible to find peace. This last month for me has been crazy between balancing work and school, finding a new vehicle, traveling, spending time with family, making new friendships and catching up with old friends, throwing out my back, planning trips, training (kind of) for a half marathon, mildly keeping up with …

TylerPeace as a Perspective

Eclipse Shadows


    Yesterday morning as I sat on my front porch waiting for a ride to Steptoe Butte, a lovely high place in the Palouse landscape just south of our town of Spokane, Washington, USA; a meditation came through my mind. I was waiting with a few minutes of quiet in the morning light, waiting to be together during the …

AnnaEclipse Shadows

In Light of Charlottesville


Hello Inland family. In light of what happened this weekend in Charlottesville and the response across the country, I want to be a voice of encouragement. If you’re like me, reports of what happened were troubling. Watching the video of the car mowing people down was sickening. And the Vice documentary about the rally and protests was heartbreaking. For most …

MattIn Light of Charlottesville

A Matter of Perspective



“To grow up in towns in which every stone is witness of a period many centuries past produces a feeling for history, not as a matter of knowledge but as a living reality in which the past participates in the present… In lectures, seminars, homes I visited, and personal conversation with American students I found that an immediate emotional identification …

DarbyA Matter of Perspective

Thoughts on my Baptism



  Since my baptism last week, I have been thinking about how grateful I am and processing what it even means to be baptized. But first, thank you to everyone who came to support me and to those of you who spoke such kind and affirming words. And, thank you to those of you who cheered from afar! I am …

TylerThoughts on my Baptism