We do not Have to Walk on Our Knees


I was recently reminded through another “explosion,” that my dad still has an anger problem. It crosses my mind to say that lots of people have anger problems, but I wonder if in saying this I would be trying to justify my father’s anger problem, or to diminish it. How funny, or not funny, the brain can be about trauma. …

AnnaWe do not Have to Walk on Our Knees

How Does One Say Goodbye?



How does one say goodbye? With a period. That’s what makes it so difficult. I love the question mark. It implies curiosity, unknowing, and a humble posture. It also anticipates something more. It leans into the future, without knowledge of what that future might be. The comma gives us more confidence in that something more. Whereas a question may never …

MichaelHow Does One Say Goodbye?

Remembering The Good


I want you to write this blog. During our gathering on Sunday, we remembered. We allowed the memories of the past to come flooding into the present. We dwelt on the good, the markedly good occasions in the life of Inland Church. And you had wonderful things to share! Rather than have me blather on, I want to share your …

MichaelRemembering The Good

Everything Happens For A Reason?


Life is funny, isn’t it? We live our lives, day to day, trying to understand, trying to make sense of our experiences, our choices, the choices of others, the seemingly random and at times, chaotic nature of this world that we live in. Rarely is insight to be had in the moment. Rather, we live our lives and it is …

MichaelEverything Happens For A Reason?

A Single Grain of Rice


Shortly after graduating high school, I was part of a leadership program that had three parts: The first part was a nine-day backpacking trip in the Adirondacks in upstate New York (there is plenty of content to be found from those nine days, but I’m saving that for another day), the second part was a one-week seminary immersion program at …

TylerA Single Grain of Rice

A Letter To Inland


Dear Inland, I write to those who are struggling, to those who are afraid of the struggle of others, and perhaps, I write to you from a distance, as one who has struggled before. Whether you struggle with doubt or purpose or small everyday things, we are all together in our joys and sorrows. I write to you now from my …

JonA Letter To Inland

Judas the Apostle


Have you ever identified with an Apostle? A lot of folks would say they identify with John, Peter, or maybe even Thomas. I always have thought of myself as a Thomas. Lately though, since before Easter, I have been particularly identifying with Judas. If you look at Jesus, one identifying point with him that annoys me is his level of …

SpencerJudas the Apostle

Becoming Baptist: Part 2



[This is one in a series of posts. Read Part 1.] “I wish the Enlightenment had never happened. What a monumental boof up that has forever set the human race on an unfortunate trajectory. Because of that dumb Enlightenment, we now have to deal with this myth of self-sufficiency, the belief that if there is a problem, we can fix …

MichaelBecoming Baptist: Part 2

The Base


It was the summer before 8th grade. I had broken my foot around Christmas the year before. It healed up alright and I was able to finish out the season, but my gymnastics career was ending. My parents said after I broke two bones, I had to call it quits. This was number two. Major bummer! It was really hard …

LeazaThe Base

Church Leadership Update


Hey Inland folks, First off, I love living this life with each of you. Some seasons we’re closer and some seasons we get hung up or involved in other things (not a bad thing) and don’t see each other as often. I have no problems with that. That’s life, right? We come and go. We move closer and further apart. You’re still mine. …

JonChurch Leadership Update