He Is Risen



Happy Eastertide! If you weren’t at gathering for Easter, we missed you dearly. If you get the chance, I would suggest listening to the podcast of Michael’s sermon. You won’t regret it. I grew up hearing about Jesus in church. Every Christmas I would hear about how Jesus was born to a virgin. Every Good Friday I would hear how …

TylerHe Is Risen

The Woman In The Basement


Hi IC, Spring has sprung and there is certainly the feeling of a new season rolling in, here in our beloved Spokane. The weather is beautiful and warm. The sun even makes its delicate and welcomed appearance a few times a week. The river is pregnant with life. There are tiny, little, beautiful, bustling signs of life in the trees …

KelseyThe Woman In The Basement

Fix My Eyes On What I Can’t See


Hi Inland Church! I’m going to start this off by saying I don’t like to be vulnerable. So…I decided to be vulnerable for this blog. Here we go… About six years ago I entered into a church internship on the west side of the state. I joined a close friend, older in age, and we departed in her car (you’ll …

AlyciaFix My Eyes On What I Can’t See

Becoming Baptist: Part 1



“I’m a Millennial, so I don’t like labels.” -Tomi Lahren Ironic? Terribly. But does anyone like being labeled? I’ve been a Baptist my whole life. Some of my earliest memories come from the small Baptist church my family was a part of. Many of these early memories are not first-hand memories because I was too young to remember. But the …

MichaelBecoming Baptist: Part 1

The Reluctant Prodigal


Last night, Jon T preached about the prodigal son. I love when Jon preaches because brother gets excited about the word. When someone is changed by what they study and teach, it shows. Yet here I was, tired as all get out, sitting back, somewhat tuned out, ready to hear the same story again as I have a million times before. …

MirandaThe Reluctant Prodigal

Lent: Dedication Amidst Destruction


Next to the Spokane river in Riverfront Park is a sculpture, dedicated to the sisters of Sacred Heart, called The Call and The Challenge. Much of what is good in Spokane was built by these pioneering sisters, especially our healthcare system. The monument features Mother Joseph, holding a trowel, laying brick. An unexpected task for a nun. Brick by brick, …

MichaelLent: Dedication Amidst Destruction

Lent: I Can’t


I don’t know much about the season of Lent, but I know it is difficult. It is very difficult. What we are doing when we take part in Lent is deciding to actively participate in suffering, albeit in a small and controlled (usually) way. Suffering is something that many of us, as Americans, don’t experience much of. No, I have …

TylerLent: I Can’t

Lent: A Brutal Journey


All are from the dust; All return to the dust. The writer of the bummer that is Ecclesiastes reminds us. The sentiment that precedes isn’t any warmer or fuzzier: Everything is meaningless. Today is the last day of the season of Epiphany. We’ve been talking about the kingdom-ministry of Jesus. His healings, his teachings, his making-better-of-all-things. It’s been nice. I’ve …

MichaelLent: A Brutal Journey

Escalator to a Something That is Greater


As I sit to write this, the Spokane River is pulsing with the fresh rain and resulting snow melt. There’s an osprey in a tree being harassed by a magpie (what a brave bird). The coffee in my mug is drifting towards room temperature. My mind is scattered with the closing of a week’s news cycle. Snow berms lining the …

DarbyEscalator to a Something That is Greater

The Most Important Thing


This is my first time writing you via the church blog and to be honest, I had a tough time with it. I think it’s due to a few different things, such as this awful cold I can’t shake, a little seasonal depression, and some other unexpected things that have happened in the past few weeks. I sat on the …

AlyciaThe Most Important Thing