Inland Church functions in each of the following three environments:

This is the most intentional and most stressed environment of Inland Church. We believe that discipleship has the most potential to facilitate reconciliation in the following ways: God to people, people to people, and this world to the world to come. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are living in response to His teaching and His Spirit. As His followers, we all become priests, teachers, and missionaries. If you love Jesus and you breathe, then we believe you are called into discipleship relationships. At Inland these relationships may look different for different people, depending on life-stage, schedules, values. Our hope is to promote discipleship — not as an event that is attended weekly, or even a relationship that is restricted to serious conversations — but rather a way of life.

Inland Church encourages communities of faith for the purpose of worship and restoration. Within our church there are multiple environments that provide opportunities to know and be known, where faith is realized, love is expressed, and belonging is established. Communities provide connections to new friends, and opportunities for the “one-another’s” from Scripture to be lived out daily. Inland will provide resources, training, and encouragement, but will hold communities open-handedly; however, we will regularly teach what we believe the Bible says about gospel-centered community. Our hope is to cultivate a shared lifestyle in our communities, not add meetings to already filled schedules.

Our communities gather each week as a corporate expression of the local church. The main purpose of Corporate Gatherings is to encourage one another, meet needs, and worship together. Corporate Gatherings usually take place on Sundays, but that doesn’t mean that Sundays are “church” days. We don’t go to church, we are the church. Therefore, wherever we are, the church is present. Inland’s Corporate Gatherings may look slightly different from week to week, with the intention of emphasizing different ways of gathering in worship. We invite anyone who is interested to join our Corporate Gatherings.