All truth is God’s truth, and we are learners who are constantly seeking truth. We live in response to who God is, what He has done and how He relates to creation. We are disciples of Jesus, so we disciple others in the way of Jesus, as revealed in Scripture. As a church, we intentionally learn God’s transforming truth in the following ways: individually, in discipleship relationships, in Communities and at Corporate Gatherings.

We are learners on a lifelong journey maturing in the way of Jesus.


We are in a story. It is a brilliant, overarching narrative that connects humanity to one another and to their Creator. As a part of this story, we are invited to be a community of authentic, broken and redeemed followers of His way. We eat together, pray together, mourn together, play together and love people as a community. The Bible calls us brothers and sisters, and that is what we are. We are family.

We are family, experiencing life together, knowing and caring for one another.


We are dual citizens. The Gospel story provokes our church to be good, life-giving citizens of Spokane, because we are citizens of heaven. We pay our bills, pick up trash, work our jobs with excellence, and love our city, because we belong to a Better City. We are confident in the hope of things being made right and this motivates us to live missionally in all we do, in response to the overwhelming love of God.

We are citizens of Spokane, living missionally, motivated by our citizenship in heaven.